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E. Macron will be executed

Fabrice Bect
Hello all,

I just found a strange tableau yesterday that would seem to indicate that French
president Macron will be assassinated during his presidential term (I take good care to
use the conditional, because it is impossible for me to say that I can use the codes to
predict the future, even though I have already found some that proved to be
predictive, but it was completely providential). The search that allowed me to find this 14
letters long message of was made initially with the terms E. Macron (ע מקרון) and Murder
(of) (רצח). I examined the main term of the best meeting between these two terms, and
realized that the name E. Macron was part of a longer, and rather amazing, message that
could be read E. Macron will be executed/put to death president (ע מקרון יומת נשיא) - note
that the Hebrew term translated will be executed/put to death is the term used in the
Hebrew Bible to speak about the execution/killing of an individual guilty of transgression.
Then I looked for the word France (צרפת) in this same table, and it show up with a skip of
-9 close to the long message and could be extended by one letter, the new term may now
be translated French (צרפתי), making it the minimum skip of this term in the Torah. The
full message may therefore actually read E. Macron will be executed/put to death French
president. Is this code predictive? I do not know, maybe it's part of a text that says it's
actually the opinion of someone who thinks that, but it's impossible to be sure at this
point, only time will tell.

For the context, see:

Emmanuel Macron assassination plot foiled

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Hi Jim and David,

I just found out that the minimum skip of E. Macron in the Torah has the extension died
(or is dead) (מת). I also found the term already found in the previous table he will be
executed/put to death (יומת) spelled in reverse in the  same table, and at its minimum
skip in the Torah. The term the president (הנשיא) also shows up vertically.  

I also found out that Macron's first name Emmanuel (עמנואל) shows up in the first table
at its second minimum skip in the Torah.

See attached screenshots.


I forgot to mention that the term French shares a letter with a literal mention of Pharaoh
king of Egypt in Deuteronomy 11:3, which is interesting since some people over here
think that he is (and is behaving) like Pharaoh (see also these pictures of him with a
masonic pyramid behind him), whose heart was hardened by God..

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Here's an English translation of the most interesting passage in his speech:

"The pride of the President of the Republic, his deafness, his stubbornness, his lack of
concession are a hate machine, what did I hear for 2 days? He will end like Kennedy..."
The codes I found about Macron were sent to Barry Roffman? according to one of the
individuals who speak in this radio show. And they were also sent to Rabbi Glazerson who
posted a video about them.

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Barry Roffman has found a Code on this subject:

And Fabrice posted this:

Hi all,

I found a few other terms in the Macron assassination threat table.

1) I spotted the term liar (שקרן) running vertically and parallel to the main term with a skip of - 5686. It
could be extended to guilty like a liar (אשם כמו שקרן). He is regarded as a pathological liar over here,
see here for instance.

2) I also searched for the word Europe in the same table, and it showed up close to Macron's name
with a skip of 6 (fourth shortest skip in the Torah). It could be extended to important people for/to me
(or I will establish for/to me): Europe (אשים לי ארופה).

3) I also added the term warning (התראה) (found by Rabbi Glazerson).

See attached screenshots.